How to know if account based selling is for you

What is Account Based Selling? Account Based Selling (ABS) is an account focused approach to selling. This is where the sales rep...
Chloe Zhang
1 min read

Sales tools that can improve the way you work

Sales tools are used by individuals in sales to save time, improve efficiency and help them be the first to act. Examples...
Chloe Zhang
3 min read

WEBINAR: Selling during a Crisis 2020

How to Drive Top of Funnel Opportunity Pipeline Webinar In this webinar, Tony Hughes, the #1 influencer for professional selling in Asia-Pacific,...
Chloe Zhang
29 min read

Tech-powered sales

Triggr was recently featured in Tech-Powered Sales, a Harper Collins published and best selling in its category, book on Amazon.  “The key...
Chloe Zhang
1 min read

WEBINAR: Tech-Powered Selling in 2021

Tech-Powered Selling in 2021 Webinar Thomas Moin, Matthew Cowan and Tony J. Hughes sit down to in a webinar to discuss how...
Chloe Zhang
39 min read

VIDEO: Leveraging Public Data

How can we leverage public data to get it into a CRM? Video Transcribed: Welcome. I’m Tony Hughes. And I’m here today...
Chloe Zhang
1 min read

VIDEO: Using Lookalikes for Prospecting

Thomas Rielly sits down to explore how valuable lookalikes are for prospecting.   Video Transcription: I know part of what you do...
Chloe Zhang
41 sec read

VIDEO: What is Intent Data?

Thomas Rielly sits down to explore what intent data is and how it can be used. Video Transcription: And just talk me...
Chloe Zhang
28 sec read

First sales meeting – What to do and how to nail it

The first sales meeting can be tough. Prospects do not have a lot of trust. Further, a lot relies on the success...
Chloe Zhang
2 min read

Cold calling metrics you should be tracking

You need to use cold calling metrics to measure your success. By knowing the details around where you are performing best and...
Chloe Zhang
1 min read
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