5 Minute Summary: The Challenger Sale by Brent Adamson

Although most sales practices would suggest that developing relationships with prospects is an important component of the selling process, Matthew Dixon and...
Chloe Zhang
3 min read

5 Minute Summary: Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler

Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler’s Predictable Revenue is a must-read book for any team or individual that leads outbound prospecting. In this...
Chloe Zhang
3 min read

5 Minute Summary: SNAP Selling by Jill Konrath

Selling may be tougher than ever. Customers are under a lot of stress these days due to increased competition, tight budgets, and...
Chloe Zhang
2 min read

WEBINAR: Trigger Event Masterclass in 2021

Trigger Event Masterclass in 2021 Webinar Thomas Moin and Tony J. Hughes sit down to in a webinar for a Trigger Event...
Chloe Zhang
14 sec read

Implementation Page

Week 0: Data Analysis  Analysis of customer base Generate lookalike audiences to existing clients Develop persona targets Formulate targeted Triggr funnel Week...
Chloe Zhang
24 sec read

Use Case: Monitor Customers Moving Into New Accounts

Monitoring Your Customers In this example, we are exploring the use case of a current user of your product or service moving...
Chloe Zhang
55 sec read

WEBINAR: Selling during a Crisis 2020

How to Drive Top of Funnel Opportunity Pipeline Webinar In this webinar, Tony Hughes, the #1 influencer for professional selling in Asia-Pacific,...
Chloe Zhang
29 min read

Tech-powered sales

Triggr was recently featured in Tech-Powered Sales, a Harper Collins published and best selling in its category, book on Amazon.  “The key...
Chloe Zhang
1 min read

WEBINAR: Tech-Powered Selling in 2021

Tech-Powered Selling in 2021 Webinar Thomas Moin, Matthew Cowan and Tony J. Hughes sit down to in a webinar to discuss how...
Chloe Zhang
39 min read

VIDEO: Leveraging Public Data

How can we leverage public data to get it into a CRM? Video Transcribed: Welcome. I’m Tony Hughes. And I’m here today...
Chloe Zhang
1 min read
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