VIDEO: Leveraging Public Data

leveraging public data

How can we leverage public data to get it into a CRM?

Video Transcribed: Welcome. I’m Tony Hughes. And I’m here today talking with Tom Riley, who is founder and CEO of Triggr, the company that turns the Internet into your database to monitor and capture opportunities to drive revenue. You know, it’s so easy for all of us in sales, especially in sales leadership and sales management, to feel that our CRM system is where we manage the universe of opportunities that we want people to work with. But the reality is the Internet is the real database that we need to leverage. And the thing I love about Triggr that I want to talk to Tom about is what is the other data out there, and how do you help people leverage that data and get it into a CRM? Yeah. Tony, great question. Thanks for having me here. You’re welcome. So, Triggr, obviously, as a platform, we consider the Internet to be a great source of data to actually help facilitate building of sales pipeline. And traditionally, salespeople have obviously relied on their CRM. These days, there’s a whole range of different data that you can find actually out there on the Internet to help enhance the data that you have around organizations and help facilitate the sales process. So we can start to look at things like hiring data. graphic data, technographic data, intent data, and a whole range of different other data that suggests a company might be interested in your product or services. So the way in which Triggr can help organizations augment that data into their CRM system is as simple as monitoring for a Trigger event that’s relevant to your sales process and then updating it through into your CRM system in real time as that happens.

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