How to use trigger events to sell to the C-level

use trigger events to sell to the C-level

What is a trigger event?

A trigger event is something that creates buyer awareness concerning opportunity for change or the need for what we sell. Trigger events can occur in the client’s industry, company or marketplace. These events are valuable for sales people because they indicate a reason. Thus, they might reflect an opportunity or need for your product or service. Therefore, you can take this use trigger events to sell to the C-level.

How do I use trigger events to sell to the C-level?

Professionals and executives across the globe are even more time poor than ever before. Everyone is fighting for C-level time. When you do get the time, they have already met with five other people. Thus, it is more important than ever to stand out. How do you do that?

By the time you meet with them, they expect you to already know about them. You should know about their company, have a good idea of what their problems are and where you sit. To stand out from the other 5 people that they have met with that day, you need to show that you have conducted research and show how you can deliver results.

To show this compelling value, you need to know up to date intelligence on your target audience developments, new technologies and C-level movement. Once you have found information, you also need to act quickly on it. If you are unable to do this quickly, you can lose out on deals. Sales intelligence tools, such as Triggr,  automate your sales engine and provide alerts for when relevant news happens so that you can be the first to act. Providing context for each of your conversations will help you ensure that they are buying at a time that is right to them.

Examples of relevant trigger events

  • Release of company results – quarterly earnings
  • Role based changes – Appointment of a key person
  • Hiring surge
  • New fundraising announced
  • News mention

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