Triggr - Uncover Web Based Buying Signals

Uncover Web Based Buying Signals

Empower your sales reps with sales intelligence data and real-time alerts of web based events that turn prospects into highly motivated buyers.

Develop a best-in-class prospecting engine

The key for any sales person in the world is the ability to call the right person at the right time with context that makes sense in the mind of the buyer. Triggr allows you to define events that are relevant to your sales process, be notified when they occur and spoon feed reps with relevant messaging across social, phone and email based off their occurence.

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Lead Finder

Search for and access key decision makers at companies that meet your ideal customer profile. Segment by Industry, Location, Technology, Hiring Roles, Fundraising, SEO and much more.

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You already work with some great clients, why not find more like them? Use the Triggr lookalike tool to find more business that look similar to your current clients from a firmographic, technographic and growth perspective.

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Triggr Events

Outbound sales prospecting on auto-pilot. Custom define your own personal Triggr events that lead to sales around technology installs, hiring trends, job changes, fundraising events, M&As and we'll let you know when they happen, who the correct decision maker is and help you define a playbook to engage across multiple channels to initiate meaningful, timely and impactful sales conversations with hyper context.

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Bridge the gap between sales and marketing

Extend Triggr

The real-time data generated by Triggr can be easily integrated with existing systems and technology stack and is most powerful when it is. We can show you the creative ways to connect your systems to automate your outbound sales and marketing interactions.

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