Triggr was recently featured in Tech-Powered Sales, a best seller, published by Harper Collins and the American Management Association.


“The key to working with trigger events is the use of technology.  Triggr.ai is an excellent example…Triggr detects technologies, identifies hiring trends, finds contact details, and more.”

Tech-Powered Sales teaches sales people how to upskill their Technology Quotient, through harnessing the power of human and technology symbiosis.  Trigger events were highlighted as a key selling strategy, so who better to reference than us!  This book not only details how technology can be harnessed to automate your Trigger Events (using Triggr of course), it also describes the types of trigger events that exist, and includes a quote from Thomas Rielly, Triggr’s Founder and CEO.

An ICP is your Ideal Customer Profile, and describes the attributes of your buyer.  From a sellers perspective, this should be used to dictate who they are engaging with, and who are they qualifying out.

“A trigger event is something that creates buyer awareness concerning opportunity for change or the need for what we sell…Trigger events can also occur in the marketplace and can include competitor activity, environmental or economic changes, reputational issues, new regulatory requirements, and more.”

Tech-Powered Sales asserts that there are four types of trigger events.  Not all trigger events are the same in their propensity to lead to change, so knowing the difference is key to maximising your selling efforts.

4 Types of Trigger events:
    1.  Bad experiences with incumbent suppliers
    2.  Role based changes
    3.  Change in results or strategy
    4.  Operating environment changes

When you combine the attributes of your ICP, and the trigger events that are leading indicators to change, then you have the winning formulae for any prospecting strategy.  Here are some examples referenced in the book:


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For a sneak peak excerpt, you can see how Trigger events are detailed in Tech-Powered Sales, below.

If you’d like to read the book in full (well worth it!), you can purchase it in here: Tech-Powered Sales


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