Technographics is the new digital marketing buzzword

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Technographics is the new digital marketing buzzword

Technographics is the new digital marketing buzzword. Marketers can use this tool to gain more insight into their customer’s lives and behaviors. Put simply, technographics measures the use of technology in the everyday lives of consumers. It’s the collecting of data on the ways customers use technology and how that technology is impacting their lives. Marketers, are using this data to tailor, develop, and customize marketing messages to better suit the consumer’s habits and preferences.

When you’re creating a sales piece, you can use technology and tools to help you target your audience. Most people do this in one of 2 ways. You can either sort your database by particular technologies they use or sort your leads by employment type. This is where technographics comes in handy for cold outreach. Typically, cold outreach is limited to cold calling and email shots. However, it is better to develop relationships via LinkedIn or Twitter instead of just sending out generic emails. Try to find potential clients that are using the same software as you and then try to get on their radar before you even think about trying to pitch yourself. Triggr is a tool that you can use to find the respective software of your target buyers.


How technographics works

Technographics identifies and segments each techno type into specific groups. It segments them by level of education, size of their company, etc. Through this segmentation, we can differentiate each Techno type into a specific group who share similar demographic and psychographic traits. The idea behind technographics is that it enables you to take data from different databases and merge them together in a meaningful way. It also works well in mapping out potential new customers to find their particular buying habits.

By understanding the market using the technographics framework you have the advantage over your competitors who use other traditional marketing methods since it allows you to fine tune your approach specifically for each of the techno types identified within your industry sector. This can help differentiate your business in two ways. Firstly, it allows you to speak directly to clients with a shared interest within specific market sector. Additionally, the demands and needs of each techno type can be appropriately catered to.

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