How To Generate Sales Leads Without Cold Calling

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How to generate sales leads without cold calling? Cold calling is one of the more difficult things to do in sales. It’s a tough sell, and can be a tough sell for the receiver as well. Is there a way to generate sales leads for your business without having to pick up the phone?

Referral Marketing

People love sharing their experiences with friends and family, so why not use this opportunity to your advantage? Form a referral marketing campaign which will create sales leads for you. If you have recently lost a contact of someone who can act as a referral, you can use websites like Triggr to help you recover them.

If you don’t want to refer someone to a company or service, you could send them to a review site. Review sites such as  Yelp or Google My Business allow individuals to post their own feedback about your company. This tactic has been proven to be highly successful. This is as word of mouth is most successful when a customer is happy.

Engage Online 

When it comes to your prospects’ attention, you have to start thinking beyond traditional advertising methods. You should take advantage of technology, since the vast majority of your customers are online in one way or another. You should leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to communicate with your prospects. With these platforms, you can engage your prospects in conversations about relevant topics. While you can’t force people to respond or take action on these platforms, they’re better alternatives than sending cold emails. What’s more, your prospects may already be following these accounts as they’ve shown interest in similar brands or industries.

Value in Public Appearances

If you want to improve your sales, then it helps to make public appearances and promote your own expertise. It is important to note that that advertising ourselves, through guest speaking engagements, press releases and articles are all forms of trade marketing in their own way. However, doing trade marketing is not without its challenges; one of the most challenging aspects for salespeople is gaining an audience due to our poor reputation. People see salespeople as unwilling to listen or be transparent in their dealings with clients and prospects.


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