Data enrichment and the need to start using it now

data enrichment

How do you make value out of the wealth of data that is out there? Data enrichment helps to solve this problem.

What is data enrichment?

Data enrichment is another marketing term that sounds rather large and confusing. In actual essence is very simple. Put simply, it is when you take simple key data about your client and add more detail. The data could be first or third party data. It could be details regarding hobbies or places of residence. Just because you know a client’s name doesn’t mean that piece of data has much use. Data enrichment can make your business appear much more professional as well as bringing you closer to knowing your clients on a deeper level. This can help you provide a better service and result in happier clients overall.

Why is it important?

Improves the accuracy of your data

Data enrichment is an important part of data collection because it allows you to check the accuracy of your raw data. Data is always changing, so you will need to keep up to data such as emails. Having a list of 1,000 people is great, but your list may result in only 500 emails being set out if inaccurate. To prevent this, you need to validate your data. Tools such as Neverbounce can be helpful for this.

However, while data enrichment is an very important part of the process, many companies overlook the importance that accurate data has. Underestimating the need for quality information can lead to sloppy analysis that doesn’t yield any solid results or tangible benefits.

Reduces cost

Having inaccurate data, is harmful to the sales people in your team. It could waste their time in calling prospects that are not available on that line.

Create tailored relationships

It can grow your business relationships by providing marketers with a better understanding of their target audience. This is because information in the world of data enrichment is constantly being improved on. Data enrichment offers a two-fold benefit. From one side, it helps to generate more revenue through greater client satisfaction. From the other side, it helps companies to expand their revenue streams by upselling to existing clients.

How do I start?

Tools such as Triggr can provide updated company and contact data. It shows data such as emails, phone numbers and technology used. With the new free plan, it is accessible to all.


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