Hire Faster And Smarter With These Free Recruiting Tools

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If the word ‘recruiting’ gives you war flashbacks of wasted hours spent on LinkedIn and dozens of unanswered emails, then it’s time you took a look at the new and improved recruiting tools on the market.

From a mobile app that helps you attract Millennials to a tool that alerts you when a candidate is open to changing roles, there’s no shortage of software to help you engage in more meaningful conversations and nab the right people before anyone else does.

Here’s a quick list of recruiting tools that will lighten your workload and push you ahead of the competition – for free.


Everyone has received a soulless message from a recruiter who clearly didn’t read past the first line of their profile. Effectively engaging a potential candidate is tough, especially difficult when you know close to nothing about them. What would be the best way to grab their attention? Should you call them or send an email? Would they be more responsive if you used emojis?

Fear not, Crystal is a Chrome extension that has it all figured out. This nifty tool sits in your browser and analyses public data to tell you exactly how to communicate with someone on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail. In other words, it boosts your candidate response rate by helping you ‘speak their language’.

Crystal does this by creating a ‘personality profile’ of the candidate you’re searching for. It then shows you useful insights like, ‘They prefer communicating via email’ and ‘Avoid using emojis or exclamation marks’. It’s a whole new way of personalising your messaging so you can gain the candidate’s trust right off the bat.


One of the hardest parts about attracting ideal candidates is crafting the job description. Textio is a game-changing platform that uses artificial intelligence to scan your job description and tell you just how effective (or ineffective) it will be.

This means you can catch all those over-used buzzwords and slightly biased terms you didn’t even realise you were using before it goes out into the world. Textio will do you a solid and highlight any offending words or phrases and give you a score along with a list of pointers so you can write that perfectly enticing message.

The best part? Textio is completely free.

Rakuna Recruit

If you’re looking to attract, engage and hire Millennials, then this is the tool for you. Rakuna is a free iOS app designed for recruiters who prefer to hunt for candidates at job fairs and events.

What it does is capture candidate information and qualify leads to make post-event follow-up a lot easier. It also offers a clean and intuitive dashboard where you can manage prospective candidates and even rank them using a star-rated system.

As a bonus, the platform is collaborative so you can drag your team into it too and work together to find the perfect candidate.


Nothing is more tedious in recruiting than searching for qualified candidates. It’s time-consuming, frustrating, and sometimes just downright ineffective. Triggr is an Australian-built app looking to change all that.

With Triggr you can filter candidates by skill or work history, set up keywords to search across all job boards and use the automatic reference tool to find your ideal candidates. You can also filter by companies looking to hire and get notified when a qualified candidate is likely to change roles.

If you’re looking to get a competitive edge and build more viable talent pipelines, then this is the app for you. Plus, it has different plans based on what you need (and how much you’re willing to spend). Yes, there’s a free plan too.

Want to give Triggr a try? Schedule a short demo with us or go right ahead and sign up for your free plan (you can always upgrade to a more advanced plan later).

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