5 types of recruitment technologies to start using right away

recruitment technologies

Recruitment technologies are growing at an exponential rate. It has already become a $340 billion industry, and will reach $660 billion by the end of the decade. No longer are companies just looking for people with the right skills to fill their open job positions, they are looking for people with the right skills to transform their business.

Nowadays, candidates are able to express their interest through digital channels, but it is the recruiter’s job to match this with the right role in the right company. Here are some technologies that can help you be at the forefront of recruiting, in particular in the hiring of remote workers.

Recruitment technologies

1. Automate Candidate Screening

This is a more efficient scenario where the recruiters are given automated options. There are numerous recruiters who pass on profiles of potential candidates to recruiters who never use them due to some reason or other. By automating candidate screening, one can provide the relevant candidates’ data which is mandatory for the current job requirements. As a result of this, candidate’s profile would be processed faster with less error.

Thus, this reduces the amount and accuracy of work.

2. ATS Solutions

These kinds of platforms are not just useful for tracking resumes. With ATS solutions, you can secure your recruitment workflow by sending and receiving candidate notifications via email and SMS. You can also save them in the system and provide candidate screening services to hiring managers. These platforms can be accessed by anyone you need.

You can also incorporate resume import features into yours that allow you to pull existing work history information into your database without the source having to go back and forth with applicants. Simply by completing this step, recruiters are removing one irritating step from the app. This also saves hours of time along the way.

3. Onboarding tools

Onboarding tools can help companies to perform background checks, provide uniform standards of conduct, store certifications and more. As for the onboarding itself, it is important to make sure your recruiters are friendly and engaging. Many online tools can help with this process.

4. Head Hunting tools

Use Triggr to build highly targeted head hunting lists based off location, skills, time in role, job titles. Thus, tools like Triggr can help you find the best candidates who have the highest propensity to be open to new roles. So, using real time updates you can then act first.

5. News Notification Tools

Triggr can provide real time alerts on news such as hiring surge, role moves and live job roles. You can use alerts like this to have meetings with the right context. Thus, this gives you the best chance with top talent.

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