The best strategies to drive your recruitment funnel

drive your recruitment funnel

In a rapidly changing, labor-driven market, the tried and true methods for selecting prospects were no longer valid. Many organizations are already using AI in recruitment, we look to other methods. Recruitment specialists are embracing new tech that may become permanent components of the HR toolbox. As the method for attracting talent becomes increasingly digitized, smart recruiters employ tactics that are used across sales and marketing. These tactics can help drive your recruitment funnel.

The ability to identify and hire employees according to your business needs is crucial in today’s competitive talent market. Timing is very important in this climate.

What strategies are best to drive the recruitment funnel?

1. Use Data

Data is a very useful tool at the right hands. Knowing what data is being collected, and how it’s being used to get business growth will ensure your digital team is delivering on all fronts. Better data means better decisions, as well as more potential business growth if you are able to leverage it correctly. Now, in order to “use better data to improve your recruitment funnel” you have to know what you mean by “better” and measure your success using the correct metrics. So what do we need to know? Clearly measuring visitor numbers does not give us a true picture of anything! We know that for a start!

There are a multitude of tools available that can help track and manage this data for our businesses. Recruitment tools like Triggr can help manage the wealth of data that is available, so that recruiters can focus on what is important.

2. Act Real Time

Be aware when changes in the industry you are hiring in occur. Then, this will help your chats stay relevant and allow you to keep informed about how and where to find the best hires.

3. Have advocates for your brand

Building a strong employer brand can be a strategic decision to attract and retain strong talent in your organization. When an employer has developed a strong employer brand, with both internal and external stakeholders, the impact on candidate attraction, will mean that talent acquisition is not strained. This is something that companies need to continually put time effort resources towards to ensure retention. Recruiting start thinking of this from day one and long before they reach out to candidates hiring managers should be developing their employer brands. Brand building is not just having a good reputation in recruiting it’s also actively listening to feedback and criticism.

4. Grow your tech stack to drive recruitment funnel

If you’re in need of a change of pace, it might be worth investing in some recruiting tech stack. There are a lot of tools out there for managing your recruitment and getting top talent that could improve the entire pipeline. Source candidates using recruitment tech such as Triggr. Then, you can screen candidates using tech such as Harver and Pymetrics. Thus, using these together will help drive your funnel.

5. Automate what you can

Automate your tasks such as cold emails, campaigns and more. Tech such as Zapier can be useful in outreach. However, automation is not limited to outreach. It can include tasks such as matching and messaging., These can all work to improve your funnel.

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