Are You Using These Insider Tactics To Find Brand New Sales Prospects?

Find new sales prospects

Having trouble keeping your pipeline full of fresh, new prospects? When your routine LinkedIn search simply isn’t cutting it, it’s time to consider taking a different approach.

We’ve already covered how to send outreach emails that actually convert, but email is just one of many strategies you can adopt to find those hidden golden prospects. Let’s go beyond the cold calling and content marketing tactics you’re already tired of reading about. Here are a few lesser-known ways to find new sales prospects and keep your pipelines full month after month.

Pay attention to social media interactions


While hunting on LinkedIn is a pretty standard prospecting practice, this is less about using the search bar and more about simply noticing what’s always been there. Here is a quick list of actions you can take to scoop up those fresh new prospects next time you’re on LinkedIn.

– Scan the “People also viewed” sidebar. Go to the profile of your best customer (or someone who matches your ideal customer profile) then move your eyes a little to the right. You’ll see a sidebar with a list of people similar to the profile you’re currently on, which means more people who would be interested in what you’re selling. And just like that, you’ve found a whole group of new prospects.

– Join LinkedIn groups. Vorsight says you’re 70% more likely to get a sale if you join LinkedIn Groups. Become a familiar presence in the groups that are relevant to your business. Comment on them, initiate conversations and then reach out to the ones who respond. (Make sure to open the conversation with the fact you’re both in the same group!)

– Scan the comments. People tend to comment on things they’re interested in, so it’s reasonable to assume the users who are interacting with your posts (and the posts of your prospects) are potential good fits for your product or service. Interact with them in the comments and then consider sending them a message to get the real conversation going.


LinkedIn isn’t the only place you can snag great sales prospects. Turns out Twitter is useful for more than just political ranting. In fact, studies show that companies who use Twitter get twice as many sales leads. Here are a couple tips for those of you on the bird network.

– Run a Twitter search of the top 3-5 keywords your business targets. Check who’s talking about it, what hashtags they’re using (so you can search for those too) and what questions they’re asking. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to jump in, add value, and maybe even pick up a few prospects.

– Follow your target audience and offer them value. Twitter is all about who follows who. You can use social lead generation software to automatically follow people who match a specific profile. (Be careful though, bots have lower standards when it comes to following people.) When someone follows you back, send them a DM with a free whitepaper or other top-of-funnel content. Once they download it, you’ll have their email (and their interest) and you can begin to nurture them with an email series. Slick, right?


Many of the same tips mentioned for LinkedIn and Twitter apply to Facebook as well so we won’t stretch this one out too much. But there is one tactic in particular that you may find useful.

– Use the Graph Search. Facebook’s Graph search lets you run a search based on very specific queries, like ‘Marketers in Sydney looking for prospecting software’. You can then take the results and follow up in whatever way you see fit: messaging, adding them as a friend, joining the same groups as them, liking their posts, etc. Converting them is up to you.

If you want a bit more info on this particular tactic, head over to Hubspot’s guide on how to use the Graph Search. You can thank us later.

Find “look-alike” customers

Social media is a great source of new sales prospects, but it’s also rather time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be swell if you could simply get a list of prospects similar to your best customers? Well, with the right tool, you can.

Triggr is an automated prospecting tool that generates top-of-funnel sales prospects at the click of a button. But the truly interesting part is the ‘Look-Alike’ tool. With this nifty feature, you can conjure up an entire list of prospects that are similar to the ones you already work with. How’s that for time-saving tech?

If this sounds like something you need, go right ahead and sign up for your free plan to start finding brand new sales prospects – without the wait.

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