3 B2B Marketing Campaign ‘Secrets’ That Can Skyrocket Your Sales

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Want to give your B2B marketing campaigns an extra kick?

If your current campaigns leave much to be desired, you’re probably on the lookout for tips that will help you launch your next marketing campaign with confidence – not concern.

The devil, as they say, is in the details. So let’s go beyond the usual tactics like targeting your ads and sending personalised emails. Instead, we’ll dive straight into three lesser-promoted tips that focus on solving the underlying issues that may be sabotaging your sales.

Don’t advertise to sell

Seems counter-intuitive? It is. But imagine the following: Two people come knocking at your door. The first is a dear old friend who shares many of your interests and always offers solid advice. The second is a stranger who seems nice but all they really talk about is themselves. If both people offered you a product, who would you feel more comfortable buying it from?

Exactly. B2Cs may be able to get away with talking about their product 24/7, but B2B marketers should be seeking long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with customers who will help your organisation scale. This kind of trust-building relationship requires a tad more care than just blasting your latest sale at them on every social network.

Most people aren’t ready to make a purchase when they interact with you or your content for the very first time. This is why the purpose of advertising isn’t to make a sale, it’s to capture the attention of potential prospects. Once you’ve identified who’s interested, you can follow up, offer them value and guide them down the buyer’s journey. You’ll find this approach elicits a much better response than if you just went for the jugular.

Repurpose, retarget and reuse campaigns

Christy Uher Ferguson, B2B Marketer and Research Director at Gartner, once told Forbes,

‘Don’t be afraid to repurpose successful campaigns and content. […] Remember, your audience is not seeing it nearly as often as you are, and repetition is key to recall. Improve upon existing work with new, relevant information or distribute into new channels and monitor results.’

Not everyone is online when you post on social media and not everyone opens the same emails you send. Re-run those campaigns a few more times for good measure and repurpose content that isn’t giving the results you expect. People absorb information in different ways, so if your whitepaper didn’t amount to much, try turning that content into a slideshow or an infographic. It could have an exceedingly better outcome.

Retargeting is a powerful way to reach an audience you skimped on the first time around. Most organisations have multiple customer profiles, so don’t be afraid to focus your old marketing campaign on a fresh audience. (Check our post on how to define your ideal customer profile, if you haven’t got one yet.)

Automate ‘all the things’

This isn’t really a secret, but you’d be surprised at how many B2B marketers still babysit every step of their campaign. Once you have a successful outbound marketing strategy all figured out, it’s time to automate it and free yourself to build relationships with the right people for your organisation.

Make your life easier and set yourself up with a solid set of marketing automation tools. With the right tools, your campaigns can be off and running before you can start to worry about how they’ll perform. Here’s a short list of some of this year’s most popular B2B marketing automation tools.

  • ActiveCampaign: Let’s veer from Hubspot for a while. ActiveCampaign is a rising software that’s both usable and affordable (a rare combo). It’s a well-rounded marketing tool with everything from organising your sales pipeline in a kanban-like manner to sending email sequences and lead scoring.
  • MailChimp: Only interested in email marketing? You’ll want to use MailChimp to easily send or schedule emails and social ads, segment your audience for improved open rates and personalise your emails to really connect with your customers. You can create a free account but if you want fancier features like A/B testing you’ll have to go premium.
  • Triggr: If you’re looking to replace your tedious manual outbound with an automated prospecting solution that easily exports into your CRM and marketing systems, Triggr is for you. You can use this flexible app to generate top-of-funnel sales prospects, get accurate data for your sales workflows, set alerts for changes in company roles, and find look-alike customers for fresh new prospects (useful for retargeting campaigns).

The best part is Triggr has a free plan and a special discount for startups, so if automating your B2B marketing for killer campaigns that reach the right people is in your to-do list, request a demo or sign up to get started.

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