Dynamic data is important for salespeople – here is why

the importance of dynamic data

Sales is changing, and so is the tech that drives it. The relationship between sales and marketing is shifting more towards one of “business allies”. But the biggest change in the sales world is the “customisation” of the buyer experience. Dynamic data is the way forward.

Definition of Static Data

Static data is not changeable. Data is much more useful if companies could edit their data when needed. For consumers, this is better than having all of their data shown on a page that can not be updated. Firstly, it does not allow for suitable changes. This means that it can lead to at least two bad outcomes. The outcomes are less sales conversions and more costs related to change. Using a system based on static data could force consumers to spend more time figuring out how to change the static numbers in order to make changes that better suit their needs. That causes them to lose time and the results become delayed.

The alternative to static data is dynamic data.

Definition of Dynamic Data

Dynamic data is data that can be changed and updated. Relational database management systems often use the concept of dynamic data. It allows users to make changes to table definitions without having to change the program. The up to date data will allow for relevant decision making.

When you capture data from your customers, the dynamic nature of that data enables you to tailor marketing and strategy. You can analyse your data at an individual level. More importantly, it means that you can now use the concept of “the long tail” within your business in a new way. Suddenly, everyone is valuable. At a micro level, you can target specific consumer needs.

As business success is usually measured on a large scale, smaller results may feel like failure in some cases. These results will be more relevant. However, on the flip side dynamic data also presents opportunities for businesses to create customised pricing by getting data from multiple sources. These sources include the Internet and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. ​ Another benefit lies in giving better customer service by using data.

Companies such as Triggr are at the leading the way for the use of dynamic data. By gaining real-time alerts for your sales team, you will be able to be the first to act. This will allow you to close more business and save time.

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