Intent data – Why it is important to start using

importance of intent data

Today, marketers have the key to powerful customisation: intent data. Intent data tells the reasons for users’ search queries, browsing habits, and online actions. These are all of which are precursors to a sale. With intent data, you can unlock more “buyer in progress” leads while taking away wasted marketing efforts.

What is intent data

Intent data is a term used to describe information showing a consumer’s intentions, motivations, preferences. This data is able to gauge their receptivity to certain products and services. When it comes to intent data, one of the most biggest factors is that the term is not a fixed one; rather, it changes on how you plan on using it. Intent data can help find new opportunities for growth and build more effective campaigns based on consumer preference. This improves retention and builds the business’ reputation.

How does intent data help?

The data helps predict the outcome of a future conversion by looking at your website visitors browsing behaviour. The biggest thing to remember is that people come in all shapes and sizes. However, most have common features when it comes to certain actions. From this data we can learn about visitor gender, age and culture, if they are likely to bounce on certain pages or not; are they in the same location as the prospect? We can try and work out visitor intent by segmenting them into groups or apply pattern recognition techniques such as AI algorithms. All this data helps you know what your customers want so you can tailor your messaging towards them before they are ready to make a purchase. Automated email campaigns can also be tailored to promote products based on their browsing patterns.

Searches with intent will indicate interest in the product. Examples of these searches include reviews, comparisons, question forums and news. Through the collection of this data, you will be able to target clients earlier in the process. You can better guide them through the purchase decision and be the first sales person to reach them. Triggr is a platform which uses real time data to inform of buyer intent. It provides data on new tech, news and hiring for your sales people. You can start a free trial for 7 days today.

Uses of intent data

In summary, the uses are to customise consumer experience, build a target consumer list and prioritise accounts. Intent data is an important tool for sales people to start using today and get ahead. It will yield higher sales success than generic data.


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