Artificial Intelligence in Sales

Artificial Intelligence in Sales

Artificial Intelligence in sales? It is happening. It opens up doors to new opportunities for sales people. In this blog you will learn about AI’s role and the benefits it offers to sales people.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is playing an increasing role in today’s world. It is in your social media, your news feed, and even your local supermarket lane. In the world of sales, AI is becoming an important tool to help sales teams because it can help them be more efficient and close more deals. Now computers can learn and make decisions for themselves rather than follow instructions. AI salespeople are already in existence. AI is used by companies that sell to other businesses. You can find out who is using AI with Triggr.

How can we use Artificial Intelligence in Sales?

Predictive Forecasting

Predictive forecasting tools will predict certain outcomes in the future. Your sales teams can use it to assess what is going to happen in the future. It will inform them on how to change their marketing strategies accordingly. For example, if you know that there is a high chance of bad weather during the summer months, you might want to do the campaign now. If you know repeat clients are likely to buy from you, then there is no point wasting time and money trying to get new clients. The uses for forecasting are many. We have only just begun with regards to making customer journeys through advanced computer systems with complex algorithms at the core.


The marketing department is one of the first to see the benefits of artificial intelligence and how it can help them. Every sales person in your company must have a device that can access an AI platform. It should allow them to create tailored strategies based on data they collected over time. Sales people do not have to manually schedule because their devices will do that for them. Moreover, they can use similar technology to access industry news and follow up on leads. However, it is important to know how these platforms work. Some of the best platforms are capable of adapting themselves based on user interaction and prior engagement. The mix between human input and machine learning makes this combination extremely effective. It can be used for both marketing as well as lead generation efforts..

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