Using SEO to Bring More Saas Customers

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You need more SaaS customers. You have a well-built and established SaaS which converts like crazy, but your low numbers of sign ups are frustrating you. There’s no magic, and you know you need to get more customers, but the question is: How? SEO.

You can increase traffic to your website and gain customers through improving SEO.

SEO can optimise your own website

There are many factors that affect your SEO ranking. Some of them you have complete control over, while others are beyond your reach. Obviously, no one is going to pay a visit to your website if you do not have any traffic on it in the first place. And how can you get traffic if you don’t spend enough time working on SEO? It’s a tough circle to break. The question is: what exactly do you need to do to achieve higher search engine ranking?

Certain factors such as performance and function of website are important. This may include factors such as loading speed, responsiveness and ease of navigation. It is also important to produce relevant content to your audience. This may be in the form of a blog or general website content. These will all contribute to ensuring that it is search engine friendly.

Research relevant keywords

Search engine optimization is a technique that has been repeatedly used by business owners to increase their website traffic. By conducting keyword research, you can get a snapshot of which keywords are generating the most traffic on your website. Furthermore, avoid ranking for technical terms that are not familiar to your target audience. Instead, create a series of blogs that use common terms that your customers will recognize and be interested in. For example, you might use the keyword “SEO” to drive traffic to a page about the services you offer. It is common to rank for multiple keywords. However, for more competitive keywords, you should opt for the long form blog post as opposed to publishing comprehensive content. For example, your target audience may have a specific question they want answered, and a blog post is perfect for that!

Leverage social media

If done correctly, your company can benefit from using social media as it allows you to market your content to a much wider audience. Many people overlook LinkedIn as a platform for promoting their business or their blog. However, if you can build yourself a strong presence on LinkedIn, then you’ll not only gain credibility among viewers but also help increase your visibility with search engines such as Google and Bing.

If this is not working for you, websites like Triggr can help you find lookalike companies to your current clients.

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