Buyer Persona: How to Create the Best and Market Better

Buyer persona

Many businesses do not have a clear outline of their key buyer persona. It is important to use and create buyer persona to make better marketing content.

What is a buyer persona?

Buyer personas are constructed representations of your typical clients. Essentially, they are a brief biography and reason for being of a typical client. When trying to appeal to the masses, it is hard to understand and foresee what different types of people might like as an entire group. Therefore, building believable personas can be a great way of narrowing down that target market. A good buyer persona will have insights into the client’s driving interests, their internal communication styles and how they’re likely to respond in situations. Somebody that has any experience with the initial marketing process should be able to provide a range of details relating to different people’s personalities as well as details on their demographic.

How do I build a buyer persona?

1. Know your target market

Firstly, a buyer persona is a well defined mental image of one or more personas that represents your ideal client. Knowing the ins and outs of your target market is the first step to setting up an effective buyer persona. By knowing your target market, you can narrow down your ideal client.

2. Talk to your current clients

When building a persona of your ideal client you in fact are taking the knowledge you have of your current clients and defining the particular patterns you have observed within this dataset. You can then decide how to take the different strengths of these clients and build a unique ideal client. By talking to your current clients, you can have a clearer picture of what this is.

3. Understand and analyse your ideal client

Next, you must understand who your ideal clients are. To do this, you should analyze your existing data. This will include the current clients you have or the prospects your sales teams are pursuing for your business. You should also collect some data on any clients, prospects and potential clients that might fit into your target market. This may include data such as firmographic and technology data from your existing clients. By having a detailed profile of your ideal client, you will be able to see who your competition is and get the edge on them.

4. Use platforms to help you

Platforms such as Triggr can help you find look a like businesses to your current clients. This will make the search a lot easier.

5. Prepare your sales team

As the marketing team, you need to work closely with the sales team to turn these prospects into clients. To improve the sales process, you can try techniques such as scripts. These tailor the sales process to different personas.

How can I use these buyer personas?

1. Create more tailored marketing

Once you have got your buyer persona built you can use this to create more tailored marketing techniques. An example of this is creating email segments with different types of content for each segment. You can create content that is relevant to each group. You will also be able to capture individuals with different needs, wants and at different stages of the purchase process. This is important because this will increase your chances of them purchasing your product or service.

This tailoring extends beyond emails to social media. By making personas, you can choose the right social media platforms to target them. You can better distribute content that is relevant on a platform they consume.

2. Personalisation

Secondly, you can use these personas to personalise the content you give to clients. You can refer to content already written or create more specific content. You can read more about how to engage here. Prospects are more likely to engage with personalised content.

3. Identify existing relevant platforms

Finally, look for platforms or people who your buyer personas are already listening to. This is because you need to leverage their voice to sell to prospects. There are opportunities to engage them as an advocate for your brand.

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