The Top 4 Benefits of Email Marketing – Why you should adopt it

benefits of email marketing

Email marketing is a direct marketing channel used to promote products and services via email. This method is useful if you have an email list consisting of people who have either signed up for something you promoted. There are many benefits of email marketing.

4 Benefits of Email Marketing

1. Deliver Personalised Content

One of the biggest reasons why email marketing is so effective is because it is easy to send out targeted content. Personalizing an email copy can be easier than you think. You just need to spend time finding out more about your subscribers. The first step is collecting client data from your website, social media, and ecommerce pages. Use this to create a detailed database of contacts. Once this is done, you can begin tailoring emails by segmenting your subscriber list according to their interests. This will give you all the data required to develop content that is more relevant to clients.

In addition, it is also possible to make use of triggers. You can make tailored recommendations based on prospect interactions with your sales reps or website. One situation is if your prospect clicked on a product but did not follow through purchase. Then, you can use this data to send an email and ask if they have any questions or concerns you can answer to. This will be a good push to purchase the product or service.

2. High Returns

Email marketing is the most targeted and affordable approach to reach potential clients. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) 2014 Benchmark Report shows that email delivers both measurable business results and improved client engagement. This is in particular email account based marketing (ABM), which targets clients based on many contact points, like their buying history, and contact preferences. It has been known to be more effective than social media.

3. Build client relationships through their lifecycle

Email marketing allows you to build relationships with leads. This is done through the client life cycle from being a prospect to paying client. Over time you should begin tailoring your emails to your clients’ liking or giving links to resources they may like or find useful. As an email marketer, it’s important that you treat each subscriber personally with relevant content. This will make them interested in building their existing relationship further.

4. Many tools for you to gain insights

One of the most useful metrics you can measure with email marketing is open rates. There is no question that this is one of the most important tools for measuring the success of your campaign. Not only does it allow you to see who your readers are, but it also helps you find those people who may have dropped off your list and those which have opened the most emails from you. What makes email so really interesting is that you can tag a reader in different ways, allowing you to get even more insight on how they are interacting with your content. Are they unsubscribing? Are they spamming?

Next steps?

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