Key purchasing criteria – understand it to maximise sales

key purchasing criteria

What is key purchasing criteria?

When you are thinking about key purchasing criteria, it is the attributes that your prospect analyses before making a buying decision. They will value some attributes over others. It is all related to your potential client’s needs. This also extends to the landscape that may influence their buying habits or even something as simple as their habits. Thus, all of these factors will impact what they are looking for.

Different industries have different priorities. This means that the PPC marketing campaign should be tweaked to match those priorities. The key purchase criteria should affect every part of your marketing strategy if you want to maximise conversions.

Common Attributes


Price sensitivity is one of the main factors that can make or break brand loyalty for customers. Depending on if their price point is reasonable or not, these clients might be swayed to instead place orders online with another brand that have lower prices. Hence, they are less loyal because price was so important in their decision to purchase.


Having good service is critical for many potential clients. It will entice more customers to become repeat customers who find value in your service. If the quality of your service is much higher than that of your competitors, then you can use actual figures to back it up. For example, if 90 percent were satisfied when they bought from you, this would be enough to convince them whether they felt something was worth having or not.

Range of offerings

The more products a company has, the more opportunities a consumer has to find a product that meets their exact needs. If you have a small number of items compared to your competitor, then you’re going to have very little control over which customers you target. It will be harder to capture the types of products that will interest your buyers. If you intend on only having a small range of products, you must be sure to nail it.


When it comes to maximizing sales, the quality of product is a key purchasing criteria attribute. Excellent product quality can increase sales and reduce returns. However, if the quality of your product or service is inadequate then you will turn off your customers and they won’t want to do business with you again. This will also impact you brand image and may damage your reputation as well as affect future sales.


These are just some common attributes that are relevant across many industries. Once you have identified these, tools like Triggr help to get real time alerts when criteria for buyers may change.

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