Outreach Sales – What It Is And How It Works

outreach sales

If you’re like most people involved with B2B sales, you’re probably a sales person or leader who is struggling with poor sales performance. Or, trying to figure out how to improve sales results by using more effective methods for prospect. Outreach sales is often misunderstood.

Defining outreach sales

Outreach Sales is a component of Effective Business Marketing. Because most effective business marketing focuses on selling products and services, outreach sales could be considered the “step to the side” of traditional inbound or outbound marketing. Outreach sales is the idea of getting new clients by creating personal relationships. This sounds like LinkedIn, right? That’s because it is. And that’s because, almost every sales person worth their salt has a LinkedIn profile now.

Techniques to drive outreach sales

Understand your ideal future prospect

Leads are generated all the time, but some leads don’t matter and we don’t want them! To avoid becoming inundated you need to sift through the stream of data and look for leads that match your ideal profile. Regardless of what your ideal profile is, only send out tailored information to those prospects that match your criteria. You want to engage with your leads often, because just one productive conversation could change unlikely prospects into clients.

Be proactive

Sales representatives can be good at winning over their targets by having the willingness to talk to them. This involves making proactive phone calls, sending emails or messages, meeting people and going out of their way to initiate interactions with prospects. When talking to clients, you should know about all product details and have a solution for every possible question. Do your research prior so that you know what your targets are looking for or how best you can serve them. Sales people also need to not ask too many questions at once as it might put off potential buyers who do not feel okay answering a series of questions right away.

Utilise social media

Social media is here to stay and although it seems popular, so do users’ anxieties when it comes to sharing information online. So, when you’re writing your outreach sales copy, always give a call-to-action to get someone’s contact information. You can later use this data to reach out to prospects and build relationships with them.

Use sales outreach tools

Sales outreach tools that can help you manage your workflow are vital to any sales rep and their success. Your goal is to generate as many leads virally and organically as possible. Then, you can follow up with the sales outreach tool which will increase your conversion rates and achieve your goals. It is best to familiarise yourself with some of the many sales tools available. This might include tools like contact management software, marketing automation and more.

A helpful one is Triggr, that allows you to act on news. Triggr is a good example of how these tools can help to speed up regular tasks and provide a clear view of the real-time status of each of your prospects. You’ll also have access to all the relevant information needed for each lead. This information includes customer contacts and follow-up mode tracking, making it easier to follow through on every opportunity.

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