Creating Content For Your Ideal Customer

Creating Content For Your Ideal Customer

Most businesses are guilty of creating content for the sake of creating content. There is no strategy behind it – they write for the sake of writing. Content marketing, on the other hand is about targeting a certain audience or even a single individual. The problem with this approach is that most businesses only create content for their ideal customer. They do this before finding out if their ideal customer is interested in what they have to say. The good news? All it takes is a little research.

Understand your clients and what they want to know

If you want to make money through creating content, then you have understand your ideal customer and the issues they face. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling something or trying to differentiate yourself in the marketplace; if you don’t empathize with your customers, then there really is no reason for them to trust you enough to buy from you. The best way that I’ve found of writing content that resonates with people is by doing thorough keyword research. By getting deep into Google’s search analytics and finding out how people are searching for answers to their problems, it will soon become clear that it is these people we need to target our content at. Only by following this sort of process will we be able to write the sort of premium quality SEO blog posts someone is willing to pay for.

Be regularly creating content

Posting regular content is crucial for any blog because it gives you a way to build your authority and send direct traffic back to your site. From there, you can use that traffic to turn them into leads or make them social media followers. The one thing that people often forget about posting regularly is consistency; if you want people to check back regularly, then you will need to post content on a consistent basis. Triggr currently consistently posts content on all things b2b sales related. Otherwise, they’ll move onto another source of information as soon as they see posts slowing down.

Be willing to share information

One important aspect of creating content is making sure that your audience remains engaged at all times. Content marketing may take the form of videos, images, data-visualizations and infographics. However, content also refers to blogs. It is about how you put these tools together to create a complete source of information on a certain subject. As such, be generous with the content that you share if you wish to keep your readers coming back. You can achieve this by developing detailed blog posts or sharing high-quality visuals that are informative as well as entertaining.

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