Sales Prospecting Plan

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Every salesperson would love to get a better handle on a creating the perfect sales prospecting plan and to know which tactics are successful. There are several strategies available for salespeople to use when they are trying to generate new business. This guide will help you to better understand the sales prospecting game.

Warm Calling 

Warm calling is when you call prospects who already have a positive association with your business or industry. You can use tools such as Triggr to find lost contact details to your warm leads. These warm calls increases your chances of reaching the correct person, which allows for an informal meeting. You should follow-up every time that you make contact with a potential customer. This follow up may include passing on some information that they might find helpful in the future and help you gain business.


Networking is vital to successful sales prospecting. Salespeople can find excellent opportunities by networking with the right people. One method is through face-to-face meetings with other professionals in your industry. In meetings, you should make every effort to build rapport with all of your given contacts. While building rapport, you must show professionalism and make selfless contributions towards a goal that brings value to both parties. During meetings, you should not mention benefits that can be gained through collaborating. In conversation, only ask for contact information if it becomes relevant. It is better keep business cards on hand instead of trying your luck at cold calling. This is as cold calling often runs the risk of a loss of potential network partners.


Referral prospecting simply means prospecting through people that you know. It is the most simple way of reaching out to potential clients. These are clients who may be looking for your services but haven’t thought to look for you. You should treat referral prospecting like any other sales technique. This includes having a simple system in place for capturing leads, finding prospects, and following up with them. There are a few pointers that will assist you in making referrals work.  Referrals only work if your own network is big enough. Otherwise, you have nowhere to direct prospects.

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