What is a discovery call and how do you approach it?

discovery call

What is a discovery call?

A discovery call is the first call you make with a prospect. Within this call, you have the chance to get to know your prospect more. So, this means find out about their problems, needs and goals. Using this, you can analyse their intent and fit for your product.

Most people are eager to get in touch with people who can help them with their problems. However, it is important to identify the right time to do so. First, you need to analyze your prospect’s website and marketing materials to figure out if they’re a good fit for your services. You should do this before the discovery call.

The importance of a discovery call

Discovery calls are important because they can help your prospects get to know your product or service. During the call, you can walk them through how you can directly address their needs and issues. This way, you can qualify the prospect and assess if they will be a future client to you.

How do you approach a discovery call?

In a discovery call, ask questions that can help you get to know the prospect, qualify the client and set up a next step.

Questions that can help you get to know the prospect

Getting to know your prospect is important because it can frame the rest of your discussions.

  • What does your company do and what industry do you operate in?
  • What metrics do you measure and which ones are you looking to improve?

Questions that can help you qualify the client

Qualifying your client can help because it can identify issues you can solve for them with your product or service.

  • What are your goals and what is the timeline for them?
  • What are the main issues you face that hinder you from achieving these goals?
  •  Have you actively tried done to address these issues and what is your ideal outcome from it?

Questions that provide a next step

You need to have questions that introduce a next step because it could help bring the prospect on as a client.

  • Who are your key decision makers in product/service adoption?
  • Can we touch base again next week?

Starting out

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