The importance of building a verified email database

verified email database

The email address is the foundation of your email marketing strategy. It is how you send your emails and how your contacts engage with your brand. However, after sending dozens upon dozens of emails, it is important to establish a verified email database. Then, you will have a deliverable recipient list to target. Every successful email campaign starts with the email funnel. You can have the best email template in the world, but if your list is made up of people who do not actually want to receive your emails, you are wasting time and money.

A database is called verified if it contains the precise contact information and where necessary. When you have a verified email database it is much easier to communicate with your customers. This is as these are people who have already indicated their interest in getting such messages.

Benefits of a verified email database

Improve your ROI

One of the biggest expenses with email marketing is sending out millions of emails to people that do not want to receive them, or worse, do not even exist. Email addresses that bounce back should have a major impact on your budget. The more contacts you have on your email marketing plan, the more it will cost you. Thus, by having extra emails that do not send on your list will increase costs without return.

If you want to avoid wasting money in this area and increase the ROI from your marketing efforts, then it’s essential to build a verified email database that only includes valid, working emails.

Improve your deliver and open rate

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways of reaching clients. Thus, it is vital you take steps to protect the deliverability of your campaigns. Maintaining a quality list is a must if you want to build long lasting relationships with clients proven through opens and click through rates. To maximise your audience engagement, start by creating segmented lists using marketing automation software. Remove those that unsubscribe or you get a bounce back from.

Follow policy of email delivery providers

Following the policy of email delivery providers is a must because they could ban your account. If you develop a bad reputation of spam, it could impact their business. Thus, try to keep your bounce rates low and follow guidelines.


There are tools that you can use, such as neverbounce that act to verify and clean bulk email lists. If you are looking for individual emails, Triggr will be useful to use as you browse the web. Emails are verified before they are shared with you. Thus, when you are creating a prospect list, you can be sure the contact details are verified.

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