Speed to lead: What is it and how you can improve it

Speed to lead

Speed to lead is the time that it takes for the first sales person to reach out when prospect becomes a lead. A prospect becoming a lead may be in the form of filling out a contact or demo form. This speed is valuable as it contributes to the buyer’s experience. Thus, by providing a good experience, you will be able to capture and convert them into paying clients.

How to improve your speed to lead

1. Use online chat

Firstly, you can engage with a lead by using a chat function. You can use an enterprise chat functions such as  MobileMonkey and Imperson to help foster a smooth experience. These functions are useful because they can help route the prospect to the right representative. Further, you can use this chat to help schedule a demo or to quickly qualify your leads.

2. Email automation

Schedule an automatic email to acknowledge your prospect. This email should be used to provide information about your product or service and offer help. This is another opportunity to engage prospects by setting up a demo.

3. Prioritise your calls

Give the option on your site for prospects to call or book a demo immediately. It is best to reach out to prospects who have filled out a form and are actively interested in your product or service. Thus, it is best to prioritise them first, as they are more likely to convert.

4. Send your prospects to the right reps

Assign the prospect to the rep who specialises in that certain industry, company or job title. If the rep understands the problems that the demographic faces, they will be able to better cater to them.

5. Use data to improve speed

Finally, you need to use data to see where you lag and drop off the most. You should look to optimise ones that have not seen great success. These data points should be shared with your team to collectively improve on.

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Ultimately, there is no set recipe to improving your speed to lead. If you are still struggling, you can find a prospecting list via Triggr’s tool.

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