5 steps in the adoption process and how to maximise them

adoption process

The adoption process is the act of taking a lead and making them a paying client. Within this process, there are several key steps that each client goes through before they choose to buy a product or service. By looking at these stages, knowing each one, you can look to tailor each one.

Five key steps in the adoption process

1. Awareness

Firstly, your prospect will discover that your product or service exists. It will be valuable to track where they have discovered your product because it could help inform your future strategies. There could have been awareness created from social media, email campaigns or word of mouth. To improve the awareness stage, you can improve your marketing by attracting prospects with an interesting ad.

2. Interest

Secondly, your prospect may know about your product or service, but does not have enough information on it. They will look to grow their interest. Thus, you should look to make information about your product or service easily accessible. You can improve this by making your website clean and have easy navigation panes.

3. Evaluation

Then, next step is for a judgement to be made on if the product or service suits the prospect. This will be based on the information that they have been provided. Thus, to improve this process, you should offer detail around how your product or service stands out. What do you have over your competitors?

4. Trial

Fourthly, if the lead decides to proceed, they will seek a trial. This is because they are looking to test the product, with having to commit to the purchase. Often, a free trial will help prospects realise that there is a valid use case for the product and have a better chance of converting them. You can improve this process by answering all questions they may have. As an example, Triggr offers a 7 day free trial for all new clients.

5. Adoption

Finally, this is a very important part of the process. At this point, a prospect will choose if they choose to pay for your product or service.


How is this relevant?

Knowing this process would prove effectively as you aim to target potential clients at each stage. Analyse how other companies do it effectively and look to integrate it in your own strategy.

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