How you can re-engage past clients and the benefits

re-engage past clients

Aiming to re-engage past clients that have been inactive for a while? In a world filled with social media and email marketing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out amongst the crowd. Due to the tough market, many business owners tend to put their marketing and sales strategies on the back burner.

One example is the ‘Wake the Dead’ Campaign. You can re-engage past clients with a ‘Wake the Dead’ campaign. The most common approach to this is to email old contacts or clients. Typically, a form of content, either a webinar or offer, to entice users to re-engage. The value in this campaign is that you can re-engage people who previously were interested in your product but not at the right time.

The benefits of re-engaging past clients

  • Helps to clean and update your existing contact data. Run your list through tools like Neverbounce, so that you can ensure that invalid emails can be removed. Then, when sending out this campaign you can ask individuals to update their contact details. This is an opportunity to get up to date data and identify new client interests. Your contact list can remain active and engaged if your data is up to date and clean.
  • You have an existing relationship with past clients. You do not need to start from ground zero in building contacts. This means you can re-engage leads who are interested. To improve this relationship, identify where the previous issues were with them using your product or service. Directly aim to target those issues. Address these leads in a personal way, and tailor your email. Perhaps your product has improved since they have used it? Use this information to earn their trust back because this will help engage them in the product again.
  • Remove those that do not engage. Marketing tools often limit the amount of people you can contact under each plan. Do not waste contact data space on those that do not engage with you. This campaign can filter those out.

Next Steps to re-engage past clients

Look at your database and identify past clients you have not engaged with in at least a year. If you have names of previous clients but lack contact data, tools like Triggr’s chrome plugin can help you find it. Install it and get contact details while you browse the web.

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