Reduce churn rates: 4 ways to retain your customers

Churn rate is a manner of measuring how many customers have stopped using a product or service. It is estimated that over...
Chloe Zhang
1 min read

Churn rate – What it is and how to measure it

What is churn rate? The churn rate is the annualized percentage of customers that have turned over during a specified period. Businesses...
Chloe Zhang
1 min read

The Startup’s Guide to B2B sales

Do you know the story of Uber? In 2008, two friends were in Paris ranting about how it’s impossible to catch a...
tom rielly
5 min read

Automate your Social Media in 5 Minutes

We all know that it’s important for us to stay top of mind with potential leads and prospects across all digital mediums...
tom rielly
3 min read

Step-By-Step Guide To B2B Sales Automation

The purpose of this content is to provide readers with easily actionable step-by-step advice that anyone can follow that will allow them...
3 min read

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