What are credits for?

What are credits for?

Credits are what allows you to measure the usage of Triggr.  There are two types of credits; Standard Credits and Phone Credits.

Standard Credits are used any time you export lead details including an email from Triggr. This can be done through the Lead Finder, Lookalikes, Triggr Event tool and Chrome Extension.

Dashboard Summary

You can see a summary on the Dashboard.

Account summary

Lead Finder

Any export from the Lead Finder requires approving the Credits it will take.



If you set up a Triggr Event in your plan, each Triggr that is picked up consumes one Standard Credit. And if you have phone numbers included, then it will use one phone credit as well, if a phone number is found.

If no contact is found when a Triggr Event occurs, you will still receive the notification, but you will not be charged any credits.

send notification if no contact is found

Purchase additional Credits

Under User Settings, you can purchase additional credits, with admin permissions.

Phone Credits

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