VIDEO: Why was Triggr Started?

Why was Triggr started?

Thomas Rielly sits down to talk about why Triggr was started.

Video Transcription: A lot of people always asking me around, how did I come up with the inspiration behind it? And having worked in both sales and marketing for a long time, I started to realize that there was a real gap in the market and that sales people weren’t really understanding the actual data behind what drove results. And being able to be in the right spot at the right time was much more powerful than actually being a good salesperson. So for me, I always knew that. And I got approach for a country manager role with a Sequoia back startup. And I thought at the time that I would build out a go to market strategy for how they might bring a product here to Australia and throughout the process. So I built it out using what we could refer to as firmographics technographics and also the growth of businesses around those attributes of the company. And so I went through the process with this organization, and we built out a fantastic go to market strategy around these things to determine the top 200 companies that should be interested in using that technology here in Australia. And we took all this worldwide historic data and brought it back to Australia. And after going through that process, I realized that I needed to actually step away and build the technology that helped facilitate that go to market strategy. And so that’s how the actual process of Triggr was born. It started off as a very rudimentary tool that was able to help you build lookalikes to the companies you already worked with. But since then, it’s evolved into what it is today. And now we’re able to actually uncover trigger events of all shape, sizes and forms across the Internet and help salespeople close more deals.

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