Using Lookalikes for Prospecting

Video Series: Using Lookalikes for Prospecting

Thomas Rielly sits down to explore how valuable lookalikes are for prospecting.

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Video Transcription

I know part of what you do in your platform as well is this lookalike feature. So if one of your clients provides a list or the websites of a lot of their existing customers, you can go and see which other organizations in the marketplace have got a similar profile. And that’s Technographics. Yes, exactly. So it’s based on Techno Graphics and firmographics. So we’ll build out a profile of what a company looks like not only from technographic and firmographic profile, but also from a growth perspective as well. So it can be very interesting to have a look at what companies are using similar technologies to the ones that you’re actually prospecting into, but not only similar technologies. Firmographics and going through a similar growth period as well. And we often find that companies that are going through similarities as an organisation and generally ones that you should also be prospecting as well. So it’s a good way to take a data driven approach to your prospecting.