Use Case: Monitor Customers Moving Into New Accounts

Current Client Moving Into A New Role

Monitoring Your Customers

In this example, we are exploring the use case of a current user of your product or service moving into a new role. There is an opportunity to target them in their new role and recommend the use of your product.  Traditionally, the communication between Customer Success Teams and Sales is lackluster at best.  Knowing when happy customers move into your prospective account is hard to track, or enforce.  They may know your company, but not be connected to you on Linkedin.  Furthermore, even if a few are found, tracking through your CRM to ensure none slip through the cracks  ishard to operationalise for a full sales team with different territories.

1. Select your customer list from the CRM filters

Select the list of customers you want Triggr to monitor, using either our HubSpot or Salesforce native integrations.

CRM Filters2


2. Create a Role Change Alert for that list

Choose the types of Role Changes that you’re interested in your team being notified about.

Customer Role Change


3. Choose to find their new contact details

Determine the rules behind the role change including whether you only want to be alerted if there is a mobile number, or verified email found for you to reach out to.

Contact Details

4.  Reach out with their new verified contact details

Call and email your old customer so they can walk you into a new account.

5. Win Big

With Triggr events you can:

  • Focus on selling by alleviating the time that it takes to research
  • Take actions immediately with the correct context
  • Accelerate deals by reaching the right people



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