Triggr - Sales Automation

Triggr Events

Define what events are important to your sales process and get notified in real time when they occur.

Triggr Events

The only solution you need to fully automate your outbound prospecting, create context and ultimately drive more revenue.

  • Identify

    Define Targets for sales campaign

  • Monitor

    Identify Triggers to monitor for context

  • Customize

    Configure personalised automation for outreach

  • Automate

    Import into CRM for sales execution

Triggr Event Demo Video

An example video covering the features of the Triggr platform

Example Triggr Events

Take a look at a few example Triggr events to get the sparks flying.

Recruitment Agency Example

An example of how recruitment agencies can define and use Triggr events to beat the competition.

Software Tech Vendor Example

An example Triggr event that can be useful to software vendors.

Marketing Agency Example

How to pick up B2B clients on Autopilot for Marketing Agencies.

Got your own Triggr event ideas?

Let's build them out!