Your team is missing easy wins by not following old customers into new accounts.

The magic bullets of sales are trigger events, which allow you to get in front of the right person at the perfect moment. Executive changes, new funding, and product debuts are examples of trigger events. Each signal a high likelihood that the firm will require additional goods and services in the future. The most common and perhaps the most powerful Trigger event B2B sales professionals can look for is a role change from a previous customer to a new account, this is often overlooked but is a great source of warm conversations with motivated decision-makers and if you play your cards right a single role change actually represents three potential sales opportunities, not one that can turn into even more with this domino effect.

Every customer role change represents atleast 3 new sales opportunities due to the domino effect of role changes.

First and foremost, follow your priority should be to follow your customer into their new role, especially if you had a relationship with this customer and she was a product evangelist, people like to buy from people they know and trust, and starting a new role is a great time for your customer to establish themselves by bringing in new technology and processes. These leads with historic customers that have decision making power in their new roles have a close rate of around 35-45%.

Next you’ll want to get in front of the replacement at your current account to ensure retention of the account but to also ask where they came from (this is another lead) as they will have a new decision maker.

You can then ask your customer who she replaced at her current role (another lead).

Keep this in mind when using the calculator to check how many sales opportunities your team is missing!

🎓 Pro Tip:

Reaching recently motivated decision-makers before your competition and your odds of closing the deal are up to 74% – You can use Triggr to be notified when a company has a change in role, installs a new technology, changes office location, is mentioned in the news, goes through a fundraising round and much more to make sure your team is first to act!

💼 Triggr Role Change Calculator

Use this calculator to find out roughly how many sales opportunities will occur due to role changes from your current customers on a monthly basis.
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