4 Time-Saving Tools For Recruiters to Balance Daily Tasks

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Recruiters don’t get enough credit.

You’re the multi-tasking, always-typing geniuses behind every business stocked with the right talent. As a recruiter, you can’t just ‘be good with people’, you have to be a content creator, social media guru, sales expert, techie and master negotiator.

When you’re spinning that many plates, it’s not surprising the second biggest challenge for recruiters is ‘juggling daily tasks’. (In first place is ‘standing out as a recruiter’, in case you were wondering.)

But it’s the age of automated tools, time-saving apps and useful add-ons.  If you want to spare yourself from task overload and have enough time to get a proper lunch, all you have to do is delegate work to the right software.

That said, here are four life-saving tools that can help you balance your tasks and squeeze the most out of your day.

Buffer: Manage social media easier

Posting and sharing content on social media is a cornerstone of recruiting. In fact, 92% of recruiters use social media as part of their hiring strategy. The reason is simple: social media is where most of today’s workforce spend their time.

Whether your strategy is to share blog posts or spread job ads, you always want to keep your feed active and packed with engaging posts (in case potential candidates decide to poke around). It sounds easy enough. But since you have a dozen other tasks to complete, keeping up with the daily posting schedule becomes a real stress point that no amount of coffee will help you solve.

This is where Buffer can lend you a hand. It’s one of the top social media managing tools for businesses of all sizes—and for good reason. With Buffer, you can schedule a post once and it’ll post across all your social channels in perfect condition (no more Twitter posts without the image). You can also get reports on how well each post performs so you know exactly what to post more (or less) of.

The part that will really catch your attention is Buffer has a free version. It’s limited to only three social accounts, but if you’re flying solo or part of a small business, it’ll be just enough.

For more info on social media recruiting, check our post on the Top 5 Social Media Recruiting Strategies.

HiveHive: Post job ads automatically

Posting on job boards is tedious business. Writing the job ad is a mission in itself. The good news is you can automate some of the hard work. (The posting, not the writing. Sorry.)

HiveHive makes sure job openings advertised on your website are also pushed across your social channels and major job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor and Simply Hired. If you don’t have a careers page on your website, HiveHive can give you some customisable templates. How nice of them.

But this tool does a lot more than post on job boards. You can also use HiveHive to manage your candidate pipeline, set up interviews and get reports of how your job posts are performing.

Sounds too good to be free? It is. After a 14-day trial, you can expect to be poked until you sign up for one of their paid plans, which run from $49 to $149. It’s still a decent deal if you spend most of your type logging in and out of job boards and sharing it all over again on social media.

Gorgio: Send emails faster

Recruiters send more messages a day than a bored highschooler—and at least half of them are similar to messages you’ve sent before.

Say you’ve contacted ten candidates and over the next few days seven of them reply with similar questions. Usually, you’d copy your answer and paste it into a notepad or spreadsheet, or search your sent emails because you know you’ve answered those questions before. But wouldn’t it be much faster if you simply clicked a button and the message you need instantly appeared?

Gorgio is a Chrome add-on that manifests as a little grey button in the corner of your text field so you can click it to paste your most repeated phrases and paragraphs. It works with most major email platforms (like Gmail and Outlook) along with LinkedIn, Facebook message, Twitter and more. You can also create keyboard shortcuts to paste one-liners, for example, ‘See the document attached to this email and feel free to contact me with any questions’.

You can watch a quick demo on how Gorgio looks and works here. If you want to learn how to send better emails in general, check our post on six fool-proof tactics for irresistible outreach emails.

Triggr: Find qualified leads in seconds

Every recruiter has their favourite source for finding candidates. It could be a lead-finding tool, LinkedIn or even Snapchat. They all work to an extent, but most don’t work fast enough or can give you inaccurate information which leads to wasted time and a lost commission.

Meet Triggr, an automated prospecting tool that pinpoints qualified candidates and digs up all their contact information and social profiles. When you’re not looking, Triggr is constantly checking for new candidates that match your criteria and even passive candidates who seem like they’re open to changing roles. Once either is found, you’ll be the first to know.

If you’re an agency on the hunt for companies searching for talent, you can set up a ‘Triggr event’ so that whenever a company is hiring for a particular role, you’ll get an email along with the contact details of the most senior person in that department. Talk about convenient.

This is the kind of tool that can really give you a competitive edge as a recruiter. Schedule a demo to see if it’s right for you or go right ahead and sign up.

To get a head start, check our post on using Triggr to find companies that are hiring. It’ll save you a ton of time.

These are just four of the tools you can enlist to help you manage your busy day as a recruiter. If we had to pick a favourite, it would be Triggr—not just because we made it, but because it’s one of the most affordable and efficient prospecting tools on the market. If prospecting is hogging up most of your day and giving you the biggest headaches, give Triggr a spin and take back hours of free time.

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