The Difference Between Attributes and Triggers

difference between attributes and triggers

Difference between attributes and triggers

There is a difference between attributes and triggers that you monitor for.

Within your ideal customer profile (ICP), you have attributes of an organisation. This may include attributes such as location, high growth revenue or invests in staff training. So, all of these attributes combined represent an ideal fit for you to sell to. Tech powered sales provides an example of this. These attributes are fundamentally what you should look to monitor. This is because changes in these attributes can help create a reason for buyers to act.

A specific example is if you were to identify the attribute of ‘high growth’. Your associated trigger events would be related to news that indicates high growth.

This might be:

  • News release of a capital raising
  • Hiring a larger sales and marketing team
  • Upgrades to existing tech plans (e.g. Hubspot)

Getting real time alerts on when these occur, can help you have conversations with the right context.

Triggr held a Sales Masterclass on Trigger Events Webinar which gives more details on the difference between attributes and triggers.

How do you get trigger alerts?

Trigger events happen all the time, so, it is best to have an automated tool that tracks them for you. There are many tools in the market that assist with it, including Triggr.

Triggr is a sales intelligence tool that provides real time alerts so that your team can be the first to act. It can provide information on occurrences such as when someone installs tech, job postings, news, M&A and growth. All of these can be given to you while you browse. More importantly, you can tailor these trigger events to ones that you care about.

If you want to see what Triggr could do for you, you can contact our sales team where we can get you started on a free trial.

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