Triggr - Sales Automation

Technology Adoption ⚡

Get notified when a company starts using a software that's important to your sales process.

Uncover New Accounts

Be notified when companies have added, or removed technologies relevant to your sales process.

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Spot Strategic Changes

New Technologies mean strategic changes or new initiatives which can create opportunity for your Team

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Know your buyer

Understand your buyers entire Technographic Profile, and budget expectations. View any Account with one click.

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Accurate Lead Details, Directly in your CRM

It’s not enough just to know what technology has been added. Setup advanced Contact Criteria rules to surface the exact person you need to reach out to based on your persona.

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Uncover Trends and Insights

Uncover recent events at target accounts by viewing trends and insights around important hires, tech installs, job postings, fundraising & more.

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Why Monitor Tech Changes

Below are just a few reasons why you should be monitoring for role changes for your sales team

Drive More Pipeline

The Rep That Adds Value First Wins 74% Of The Time. Being the first to act upon a Trigger event puts your team at a huge advantage over the competition in the sales process.

Eliminate Research

Reps are only spending 30% of their time selling. Operationalise your sales research so reps can spend more time selling

Lead with Insight

94% of B2B decision makers are now seeking out sales teams that exhibit specific insights into their company's problems.

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