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You know the drill. Scour LinkedIn, join Facebook groups, send out cold emails, follow events, etcetera, etcetera.

Prospecting can be cumbersome and every recruiter knows it. But now that we’re in the digital age there are faster and better ways to find the right people for the job. From new ways to engage passive candidates to free recruiting tools that tell you exactly how to message a lead.

But what about when you need to find companies that are hiring? This tends to be trickier and particularly time-consuming. You have to keep checking job boards, find and reach out to the decision-maker in HR, drink ten cups of coffee, follow up and wish for an easier way to get it all done.

Using Triggr for recruitment prospecting

At Triggr, a group of recruiters–who were tired of the same old routine–helped create a tool that finds fresh prospects for you in under 3 minutes along with their contact information and social media profiles. It’s simple, accurate, cost-effective and compatible with most CRMs and marketing systems.

Watch this (2:48 min) video to see how you can use Triggr to find companies who need your recruitment expertise.

For those of you who despise explainer videos, here’s a step-by-step breakdown.

Step one: Create a new lead list

Once you’ve logged in to your Triggr account, you’ll notice a menu on the left side of the screen with four options. Click the first option that reads ‘Lead Finder’. You’ll get a screen asking you to name a new ‘Lead List’—which you can save and edit later on.

Screenshot of finding leads with triggr

Type in a name that’s easy to identify. In this example, we’re pretending to be a recruiter looking for ‘companies hiring .NET developers’, so that’s the name of our list.

Once you’ve named the lead list, go ahead and click on ‘Next’.

Step two: Define the audience

This is where you can tell the tool what you’re looking for. The first option is a dropdown of filters, like Industry, Company Location, Company size, etc. For this example, we’re going with ‘Hiring Description’ which essentially searches for specific keywords in jobs ads.


Next we’ll define what keyword we want the tool to look for. In the second field, state you want the results to ‘Contain’ the keyword that you’ll define in the next field. Now, in the last field, you can type in the long-awaited keyword – which in this case is ‘.NET’ – and then click ‘Search’.

At this point, the tool goes ‘Okay, so you want me to search hiring descriptions that contain the keyword .NET. Gotcha.’

Step three: View or download results

Immediately, you’ll see the number of results and two options: Download CSV and Data Visualization.

Click on the latter to get a full report with graphs showing information like ‘marketing software’, ‘company size’ and ‘CMS’. You’ll also notice a list on the left side of the report with the top 20 search results.

You can click on any of these results to narrow down your search further. In the video, we add another search filter to find HR decision-makers at the companies we got in our results. (Note: Triggr has a special tag called ‘power’ which you can add to denote you want to find people who have decision-making power in their company.)

Moving on. We’re now going to show you what the downloaded file looks like. Go ahead and click on ‘Download CSV’. (If you’re using the free Triggr plan, you have a number of credits which you can use as payment for the download.)

Once your browser has downloaded the file, open it and you’ll be able to view the resulting spreadsheet with websites, names, emails, locations, industries, job titles, LinkedIn profiles and even the year each company was founded.

And you’re done! You just saved yourself hours of hunting online – leaving you with more time to effectively engage with the resulting prospects. You can also explore the other features Triggr has like finding look-alike prospects and setting up notifications whenever a company opens up a new position.

To get started with Triggr, sign up for your free account. If you need a tad more information before diving into a new platform, schedule a demo with us and we’ll give you the full tour.

If you want to learn more ways you can simplify recruiting, read our post on 3 Smart Ways to Stand Out as a Recruiter.

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