Reach decision makers in three key ways to grow your business

reach decision makers

Who are decision makers

Decision makers are those people in the process that can take your message to the next level. This may be an individual or a group of people. It is hard to reach decision makers. Research shows that decision makers are often more receptive to marketing messages than others further down the line, who appear more concerned with day-to-day ownership and organisational issues. This means there’s greater chance of them taking your message further, helping it snowball towards eventual success.

What makes a good decision maker? They make decisions quickly with little regard for what others think, they appreciate that whatever time it takes for them to make a decision is time they could have been doing something else. They like to resolve problems as soon as possible and have a tendency to take shortcuts, because ultimately their job is to get things done within their organisation and ensure it runs smoothly without any delays or obstacles in its path

Not every decision maker is a member of senior management. Sales managers, product dev leads can all make decisions. These may directly play into your success or failure as a marketer. Depending on your target audience or demographic, you may be better off knowing who the key decision makers are. This will be helpful if you want to conduct some marketing campaigns and increase brand awareness. They may be hard to reach, so you can rely on the below methods.

How to reach decision makers

1. Build relationships

Leverage people you know

Leveraging people you already know or has common connections is the best method, because the benefits are three fold. Firstly, it is the most quick method. Secondly, it is the most reliable as you have someone that can vouch for you. Thirdly, it is at no cost. However, it is hard to get introduced to high volumes of decision makers based this method.

Get to know gatekeepers

Gatekeepers can also be valuable to build relationships with. They can also help to put you in touch with decision makers.

Therefore, when you can, look to build relationships in your work. This may be at conventions, on social media or with current clients. Building genuine relationships with people who can give you a recommendation or introduce you is valuable. Thus, this way you have access to to their network.  It is one of the most effective ways to grow your business.

2. Use different techniques

Cold Email

Sending an email is another way to reach decision makers. To find contact details of decision makers, you can use chrome plugins like Triggr while you browse the web. You can use tools such as Hubspot to send these cold emails.

It is important to ensure that this email stands out because decision makers get hundreds a day. Thus, you can look to stand out by knowing a lot about the company the decision maker works at and explaining the value you can provide for them. By being clear, succinct and informed, you can reach them by this method.  This method is quite scalable, but may be expensive.


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