The Meaning of Cold Calling

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The meaning of cold calling

What is the meaning of cold calling? A cold call is any form of telemarketing, either real-time or recorded, in which the caller has not been pre-qualified for the sales opportunity. The caller may make personal contact with the customer by phone or email. However, they must work to get the customer’s permission to sales presentation.

Cold calling seems like a logical step once you have written persuasive marketing copy that is attracting new clients and leads. While cold calling takes quite a lot of courage, it will be easier using some pre-prepared scripts to lay out the steps of the sales process. You can also easily create mind maps and flowcharts for yourself or your team to follow. The whole prospecting process can then be completed within blocks of time.

How do I cold call?

Cold calling is an art and a science that can be difficult to master but there are many ways it can be made easier. If you already have someone’s contact details you can call them directly without any sort of introduction, or at least not the standard type. If you don’t have the person’s details then they may well ask who is calling.  To find the person’s contact details you can use chrome extensions such as Triggr

You need to create a compelling introduction, so simply explaining your purpose won’t cut it. Research about the client before you call. You have to understand what their particular area of interest is and how it intricately connects with yours. Describe how this project could benefit them and ask questions about previous work or projects in this field if appropriate. Don’t try just to sell yourself. At first, ask for advice and see if they are open to working with others outside of their immediate circle. People do business with people they like. Therefore, being likeable will go along way towards securing meetings that turn into opportunities for more sales.

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