Triggr - Sales Automation

Lead Finder

Find the contact details of key decision makers of your ideal customer profiles.

Lead Finder

The easiest way to define your ICPs and build out lead lists to kick off your outbound sales process.

  • Identify

    Select from our filters to determine which companies fit your ideal client profile

  • Determine Key Contacts

    Let us know who you sell to within an organisation

  • Download

    Download a list of contact details to action

Example Lead Finder Use-Cases

Take a look at a few examples we've put together on how to use the lead finder tool!

Recruitment Agency Example

An example of how recruitment agencies can use the lead finder tool to prospect accounts.

Software Tech Vendor Example

An example of how a software tech vendor may define accounts to prospect

Marketing Agency Example

An example of how to use Lead Finder to develop an outbound strategy to approach your ICPs and buyer personas at scale!

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