Using Company Pages

Using Company Pages


One of the most useful parts of Triggr for any reps wanting to research an account for outreach.

Company pages show all the intelligence Triggr has for any company in our database.


Information that you can access at a glance includes:


See a list of Technologies that a company has adopted, all on one page.  Triggr picks up a mix of technologies from different sources including public documentation and the companies website.


Live Job Roles

Updated every 15 minutes, see a live list of Job Roles currently posted from any company.  All Job Roles are up to date, and listed for 30 days from the original posting.

Live Job Roles


Find similar companies with a single click.  Lookalike companies are determined through taking into account firmagraphic, technographic, and growth trends.

Live Job Roles

Talent Sourcing

Talent Sourcing shows a list of companies where employees worked prior to starting on the listed page.  This can be used to understand the skillset and exposure of the team, as well as potential future accounts to tap into, through an extended network or referral.

Trends & Insights

See a summary of any Trends and Insights that Triggr has picked up including Technologies being installed, capital rases, and important C-Suite roles changes.

Trends and Insights


A full list of the employees within an organisation to find the contact details, location and LinkedIn profile, for those you want to target.  Here, you can Push leads into your CRM, export into CSV, or search for specific titles, or people.


Website Data

See the strength of a companies online presence through Rankings on SEO, PWA, Accessibility, Performance and Best Practice.  These ranking are based Googles Silverlight calculations, ensuring you have the most reliable scores for any website.



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