News Filter

The News Filter allows you to search for a variety of News Mentions, so you can select the ones relevant to your sales process.  Combine this with a finely tuned Ideal Customer Profile, or Target Account List, and you’ll be able to surface all the important news related to buyers.

News Filter

The News filter options include:

  • Positive
  • Negative
  • Hires
  • Promotes
  • Leaves
  • Retires
  • Acquires
  • Merges With
  • Sells Assets to
  • Expands offices to
  • Expands offices in
  • Expands facilities
  • Opened new location
  • increase headcount by
  • launches
  • integrates with
  • Is developing
  • Receives financing
  • Invests into
  • Invests into assets
  • Goes public
  • Closes offices
  • Decreases headcount by
  • Partners with
  • Recieves award
  • Recognised as
  • Signs new client
  • Files Suit Against
  • Has Issues with
  • Identified as competitor of

News related Triggr Events

The News filter can be used in the Triggr Event tool as well. This allows you to see when articles are published that you care about.  And know who to call when it happens.

News Triggr Event

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