Install the Triggr Package in Salesforce AppExchange

You need to install the Triggr app in your Salesforce subscription before you can enjoy all the goodness Sales Insights right within Salesforce. Here’s how:

1) Go to the AppExchange page for the Triggr App and click Get it Now.

2) Click Log in to the AppExchange button and log in with your Salesforce credentials

3) Enter your connected Salesforce account log-in and click Install in Production.

4) Read and accept the terms and conditions, then click Confirm and Install.

5) You can choose to “Install for Admins Only” (and provide Triggr access to specific profiles later), “Install for All Users,” or, “Install for Specific Profiles.”

Install Triggr


6) Verify that Triggr is in the Installed Packages.

7) Load a Company Account in your Sales Console, and click ⚙ Settings then Edit Page.
Load Account > Edit Page
8) Scroll down the list of Components on the left panel, and find Visualforce.  Drag the component to where you would like it to sit on the page layout
9) TriggrAccountPage will appear on the page layout, as highlighted.
Page Layout
10) Set the height and name of the new pane, on the left panel and click Save and Activate.
iframe size
11) Set the page assignment rules for this payout.  You can as Org Default, to assign it across the Org.  And then load with Desktop, Mobile, or both.
12). Triggr will now load where you have chosen.  And users will be able to log in with their Triggr credentials.
salesforce iframe
Repeat these steps for Lead or Contact page layouts if you want to add the Triggr Visualforce window to those objects as well.
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