Connecting Slack

Connecting Slack

Product Requirements: Team License, Company License


Setting up the Integration

Triggr has a native Slack integration, which you can activate for Triggr Events you’d like to be notified in for in Slack.  You can have a dedicated channel for any or all Triggr Events, including the Lead Details to reach out to for that event.  You may even want to setup a channel for each rep or team, so they can have their own personalised feed.


1) Connect Slack

Connecting Slack is done on the Integrations page.  Head to Settings > Integrations > Slack.

Alternativley, click here

Integrations page

Allow access via the popup window:

slack integration

Adding a Triggr Event to a Slack Channel

1) Add Slack as one of the notification channels for your Triggr Event

On the left menu, click Manage, under Triggr Events to open your Triggr Events and select edit on the Triggr event that you would like to receive Slack notifications for.

Click edit on the Condition which you would like to set up notifications for. In the below example, it is the default Condition.

On the right hand progress bar, click on Notification Channels

Notification Channel

Click on the Slack button, and when the Slack Popup window appears, sign in, and approve Triggr Access

You select any existing Channel in the drop-down, which will receive the notifications.

Save and Set Triggr live!


2) View the notifications as they come through in your selected Channel

Slack Example 2

Slack Example


To sign up to Triggr, and connect to slack,  Register Here


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