Inbound recruiting will improve your recruitment funnel

inbound recruiting

What is inbound recruiting?

Inbound recruiting is used to describe the trend of recruitment methods such as SEO, content and social media marketing. You will be able to attract and engage top talent with these methods. In turn, using these effectively will see top talent engaged and converted into applicants and employees.

The basic idea is to create content that is useful and appealing to candidates. By making useful content, the recruiter’s site will be one of the top sites on the first page of Google. Candidates performing more in depth research about companies they are interested in joining will then see the site first. Creating high quality content and an engaging experience is crucial for when the candidates do visit the site they are looking at.

As recruiting becomes more competitive, it is critical to manage the process. Examples of management softwares you can use to track the candidate process include Ceridian and Workday.

How to start inbound recruiting

To attract talent to your company, you must use the inbound technique. Firstly, you must have a clear vision, brand promise and value proposition in place. After this, look to design your candidate persona. Then, build basic content such as blogs, infographics and video. This must be relevant to the type of persona you are looking to attract. You can then start calling attention to the content in social media and via other channels. If you are struggling to find the right candidates, you can start by using platforms like Triggr.

Additionally, you must look to build rapport with your current employees. To build this, you must ensure a strong stream of communication. This will turn your current employees into advocates of your company. Having external advocates will greatly improve your own company image. Before you know it you have a steady stream of candidates.

What’s next?

Inbound recruiting is a long term strategy. By enacting it. now, it will create a funnel of good talent for the future when looking for other roles. It will simplify the overall process, making it quicker to find candidates when you have already engaged them. Further, the overall hiring process will be shorter and cost less. It is important to start using this method today. This will give you an edge over your competitors.

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