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HubSpot Integration

Connect Triggr with HubSpot for seamless, scalable Sales Intelligence. Drive more Pipeline with Triggr.

Get Setup in Minutes, Plug and Play

Getting started with the Triggr-HubSpot integration is a simple plug and play process. Behind the scenes sits a powerful field mapping and rules logic that you can define and setup so none of your data is ever in jeopardy.

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Send Leads That Hit Your Triggr Event Directly to your Sales Team

Send leads, either through automated Triggr Events, or Individual research, into HubSpot, fully verified. Your reps live in HubSpot, so should your data.

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Enrich Your Database with a few Clicks

Call on HubSpot Lists right within the Triggr Database, and Enrich any segment you choose with a few clicks. This includes Direct Phone number enrichment, or a full contact verification.Learn More

Map Your Target Accounts, and Assign Buying Roles

Target Accounts are the command centre for any ABM Strategy. Whether you use HubSpot Target Accounts tool to map your Buying Roles, or you just need to add a new contact into the free CRM, Triggrs CRM Card lets you seamlessly add any contact into HubSpot

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Monitor Customer Role Changes

20% of the workforce changes role every year. This includes your customers, and users. Why not let them walk you into your next account. With Triggr, you can operationalise this for your sales team at scale. Quality Leads with their new contact details added.Learn More

Why Integrate Triggr with HubSpot?

Below are just a few reasons why you should integrate Triggr with your CRM

Drive More Pipeline

The Rep That Adds Value First Wins 74% Of The Time. Being the first to act upon a Trigger event puts your team at a huge advantage over the competition in the sales process.

Boost Win Rate

Executives spend 70% of their budget in their first 100 days. New executives will want to bring about positive changes within their organisation, this is the perfect time to reach out.

Constant Lead Source

3% of Senior Executives Changes role Month on Month if you have 1,000 customer advocates in market this is 30 new opportunities a month that could be passing your team by.

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