How to use B2B Intent Data effectively to increase your sales

b2b intent data

Intent data is a term used to describe data about a client’s intentions and preferences. The value of B2B intent data is already known, you can read more about it here. So it is important to implement, but how can you use B2B intent data?

Types of B2B Intent Data

There are two types of intent data:

1. First party intent data

First party data is what you directly collect when you transact with prospects and clients, such as submission forms on social media and sites. Most large scale websites are collecting this information because it is helpful for them to target prospects later. The business side of this is that it can help to increase engagement, loyalty, conversion rates and revenue by providing a more personalised experience for the user each time they visit. Tools that you can use to improve your first party intent data collection include Leadfeeder and Terminus ABM. 

2. Third party intent data

Third-party intent data is information collected about your activity across the web. This typically includes cookies that you mostly  voluntarily share.

Ways to use B2B Intent Data

1. Build a target prospect list

Firstly, based on prospects showing active interest, look to build a list that specifically targets those. This will improve your prospecting in the future because you no longer need to actively look. You can also use platforms like Triggr to help build these lists.

2. Deliver personalised marketing

Secondly, if you are aware of problems that your prospects face, create tailored marketing that address these. B2b intent data should inform you on current gaps you have in your messaging. Further, make your marketing more accurate because you can directly target individuals who have shown intent.

3. Prioritise your prospects

Thirdly, based on the level of intent shown, you can prioritise your prospects. There are certain purchase intent signals that can help identify who is looking for your solution. This will be in the form of asking for a trial or questions about your product or service. It is important to make an effort and target these first because they will lead to faster sales.

Next Steps

It is important to start collecting B2B intent data to get ahead of your competitors. You will be able to target prospects earlier in their purchase process.

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